- 1 New Years day, banks and offices closed
- 11 Manifesto for Independence, banks and offices closed
- 28 January 2018 Marrakech International Marathon and Half-Marathon



- Almond Tree Blossom Festival in Tafraoute

- to May 2018 Marrakech Biennale contemporary art fair



- National Festval of Amazigh Culure - Fes



- Jazzablanca, Jazz Festival in Casablanca
- Marrakech Atlas Etape cycling event
- Alizes chamber music festival Essaouira



- 1 Labour Day, banks and offices closed
- Rose Festival in El Kelaa M’Gouna
- Wax Lantern Festival in Sale

- World Sacred Music in Fez

- Ramadan, month-long daytime fasting throughout Marrakech, food in abundance after sunset, starting about 26 May 2017, throughout the city. Take a traditional ftour at sundown to break the fast. The exact dates are not known until the new moon is sighted.



- Lailatul Qadar, night of long prayers about 20 June 2017
- around 24 June 2017 Eid al-Fitr, end of Ramadan, street celebrations, throughout the city, banks offices and most shops closed.

- 29 June to 1 July Gnoua and World Music Festival in Essaouira



- 1 - 31 National Popular Arts Festival at El Badi Palace and Le Village

-  7 -9 July 2017 Cherry Festival in Sefrou

- Marrakech National Festival of Popular Arts, two weeks in July, el Badi Palace and Marrakech
- Camel Festival in Guelmin
- Festival de Casablanca, musical festival
- 30 Festival of the Throne, banks and offices closed



- Setti Fatma, local moussem religious festival, Setti Fatma near Marrakech
- 14 Allegiance of Oued Edtahab, banks and offices closed
- Asilah Cultural Festival
- 20 Revolution of the King and the People, banks and offices closed
- 21 Kings Birthday, Festival of Youth, banks and offices closed
- Imilchil, colourful marriage festival of the Aït Haddidou tribe, August or September, Imilchil in the Atlas mountains east of Marrakech



- Marrakech Folk Music Festival, local folk music festival, mid-September, venues throughout the city
- Horse festival in Tissa (near Fes)
- Around 4 September 2017, two days, exact date variable, Eid el Kebir, feast of Abraham's sacrifice. Banks offices and some shops closed. Please see the archives of the News from the Riad flash. If you are committed to being in Marrakech at this time we can help you make the most of your stay.

- 15 - 17 Oasis music festival at The Source

- around 23 September 2017, Islamic New Year, banks and offices closed



- Dates Festival in Taragalte, M'Hamid
- Around 2 October 2017 Ashurra, celebrated in Marrakech as a Festival of Light and Music, drumming groups from each neighbourhood practice for up to 2 weeks before

- 21 TEDx at the Es Saadi hotel



- 6 Green March Day, banks and offices closed
- 18 Independence Day, banks and offices closed



- 2 to 10 2017 (estimated) Marrakech International Film Festival

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