Want to take a break in Morocco?

Want to take a break in Morocco?

You want to travel to Marrakech for a post Covid-19 break? The situation regarding flights and restrictions and/or vaccine/PCR test requirements is constantly changing. It is best to visit the Moroccan National Tourist Office website for the latest information. You should also check advice from your own national foreign office about travel to and from Morocco. For UK residents it is Morocco travel advice -GOV.UK . Special Authorised flights will start from 15 June 2021. Most cafes and restaurants are now open. More and more souks are opening, and entertainers in Jeema el Fna have started again. There is a curfew from 23.00 to 04.30, which can be ignored if you have a vaccine pass. A pass also officially enables you to travel around the country.

The Moroccan authorities have announced that wearing a mask outside your home is now mandatory.

On the 20 March 2020 Morocco entered a State of Health Emergency. This has now been further extended to 10 July 2021. The State of Emergency enables authorities to take urgent measures, including the extension of curfew measures, travel bans, and movement restrictions. It has been customary during the pandemic for the government to extend the date monthly. Also, they have introduced restrictions, including travel bans, at very short notice, which has sometimes caused travel problems. Most countries have left it to commercial airlines to provide repatriation flights when borders have closed and that has sometimes created difficulties for tourists to get home.

The Riad remains closed until the situation clarifies.

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