Red City, Cinnamon City, Pearl of the South... over the near-thousand years since its foundation, Marrakech has known more than itís fair share of nicknames.


From its very beginnings and thanks to the magical natural surroundings where it is set on a plain - embraced by the formidable Atlas mountains to the East and South - this place has harboured the dreams and fantasies of Heads of states, travellers of all breeds, movies stars and artists alike.


All at once welcoming, mysterious, enchanting, this first great city north of the Sahara exercises a power of seduction which makes it an irresistible magnet for an increasing number of holidaymakers and one of the top world-destination for anyone in search of exoticism.


A walk in the Medina (the old town) will take you through a fantastic maze of narrow streets and alleyways, where every corner seems to hold the promise of a new curiosity and the senses are teased by an swirl of colours, fragrances, sights and sounds.
Find for yourself how the locals, a fine and subtle human mix of Arabs, Amazighes (original inhabitants), Jews and Europeans live up to their well-deserved reputation as a most welcoming people. This unique human blend make up the complex soul of this African city, each and everyone sharing one common feature: an outstanding sense of hospitality.

Sustainable Tourism

We, Michel and Michael and the staff, try to run our Riad in a sustainable manner, mindful of our environmental, economic and social responsibilities.


Read what Lonely Planet, Conde Nast, National Geographic and, most importantly, our own guests think of Riad al Massarah.

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Close enough for a long weekend, ideal for a few days before or after a trek in the Atlas or a trip to the desert.


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