Sustainable Initiatives 2011 - 2012

This last year has seen a number of initiatives in the Riad which fit with our Sustainability policies.


  • We are now able to re-cycle glass, plastic bottles, cardboard and newspaper. Our staff will sort the rubbish and all re-cycling waste goes to the local collection point once a week, by foot.

  • Many guests have commented on the waste of water before the showers run hot. We have started to trial buckets in the showers to collect cold water before the water runs hot. Our staff will use the water for cleaning or watering the plants. We are monitoring guests’ reactions to this initiative.

  • Again following guests comments, we are using filtered tap water in the bedrooms in the evening. Anyone preferring bottled water can request it.

  • All of our bulbs except for 3 water resistant ones in the pool are now low voltage.

  • Jams and spreads made in the Riad from seasonal locally bought produce.

  • We have bought our well seasoned wood from sustainable sources and stored dry for the whole winter.

  • Increased the height of the chimneys, which makes the wood fires more efficient and reduces the smoke on the roof terrace.

  • Introduced a simpler towel changing policy, towels only changed now on demand.

  • Some of our towels are now made from organic cotton.

  • We have completed a walking tour map of the souks which highlights co-operatives. This is now in the bedroom Welcome Pack.

  • We have joined a local business group; one of the aims of the group is to engage with the local municipality. As part of this we will encourage dialogue about the level of pollution from mopeds in the old medina.

Over the coming year we plan to

  • Install the ion water treatment unit purchased this year. This should reduce the chlorine required to purify the pool water. The staff will need training in maintaining this new piece of equipment.

  • Increase our charitable and environmental donations to 1% of turnover.

  • Engage students from the hotel college on work placement.

  • Analyse guests’ feedback questionnaires, make the comments available and consider environmental and sustainable suggestions made by guests.

This last year has seen a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ work for the Green Key accreditation. We had to consolidate our Sustainability policies and work for the Tavelife Gold Award with our Green Key Environmental accreditation. We now have a comprehensive document recording our efforts, which guests are welcome to look at when they visit the Riad.

We thank all guests for their co-operation in these efforts.

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Travelife Sustainability Award

We are delighted to have been awarded the Travelife GOLD Award for Sustainability in Tourism , the first to be awarded in Morocco.


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Travelife Gold Award

Sustainable Tourism

We, Michel and Michael and the staff, try to run our Riad in a sustainable manner, mindful of our environmental, economic and social responsibilities.


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