COVID-19 and Marrakech

COVID-19 and Marrakech

On the 20 March 2021, Morocco entered a State of Health Emergency. This has now been further extended to 10 June 2021. The State of Emergency enables authorities to take urgent measures, including the extension of curfew measures, travel bans, and movement restrictions. It has been customary during the pandemic for the government to extend the date on a monthly basis. Also they have introduced restrictions, including travel bans, at very short notice, which has sometimes caused travel problems. Most countries have left it to commercial airlines to provide repatriation flights when borders have closed and that has sometimes created difficulties for tourists to get home.

The Moroccan authorities have announced that wearing a mask outside your home is now mandatory.

All scheduled flights to or from Morocco are suspended. There has not been any official announcement of when borders will open and flights resume. Passenger and ferry links to Europe have also been suspended.

The Riad remains closed whilst borders are closed and there are no flights in or out of the country.

In Marrakech during Ramadan very few cafes are open, and only a few restaurants. They all close at 19.00. There is a curfew from 20.00 which is only partially observed, although the police have powers of on the spot fines. Shops that cater just for tourists, including a lot of souks, are mostly closed. 

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