Welcome to our boutique hotel in the heart of Marrakech, where hospitality meets social responsibility. At Riad al Massarah we believe in giving back to our community and nurturing creativity. Here’s how we’re making a difference: 

Empowering Tomorrow’s Generation

We’re passionate about social responsibility, therefore we decided to offer free English classes for local children after the 2023 September earthquake. The course takes place once a week.


Artists and writers inspire us, which is why we offer complimentary stays for those in need of a peaceful writing retreat to develop their next masterpiece. Whether it’s a novel, theater play, or screenplay, we’re here to support the creative process.

Join Us in Making a Difference

When you stay with us, you’re not just booking a room; you’re contributing to positive change in the world. Your support allows us to continue our charitable endeavors and make a meaningful impact on the lives of others. Thank you for choosing Riad al Massarah, where every stay makes a difference. Together, we’re building a brighter future for our community.

Complimentary Stay Application Form

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