Aid al Adha 12 August 2019

Aid al Adha 12 August 2019

The date for the Eid 2019 is the 12 and 13 August. It’s a two day public holiday,  followed by another public holiday on the 14 August. Many will take advantage to make it a long holiday week. The main event is on the first morning, when the there will be no one on the streets of Marrakech. Later there will be fires lit in the streets of the old medina to cook the sheep’s heads and feet. Later the skins will appear, so venturing out can be fascinating.

During the afternoon the young men will go out, dressed in their cleanest white foukia’s – an ankle length robe with a short collar –  and best yellow babouche.

Some restaurants will open in the evening. Quite a few of the souk shops and artisans will take a whole week off.

Expect public transport to be busy before and after the holiday, as people make their way to and from family.

The following week there are two more public holidays on the 20 and 21 August, so again expect public transport to be busy.

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