The Riad

The restoration of this Riad had us tread the subtle line between old and new, between European and North African perspectives.

Whilst we wanted to remain respectful of the local architecture and decorative arts we also hoped to bring the building into the XXI century and make it a place where we could recognise our personal taste and honour our own European tradition.

We also wanted to offer you a place where comfort was paramount. It is in this spirit that we decided to keep the whole house monochrome with natural, light colours to keep the space serene and peaceful. We have surrounded ourselves with some of our own furniture from Europe and pieces made to our specification by local craftsmen. This results in a stylish modernist and Moroccan fusion throughout the house.

Riad Al Massarah Gallery

Virtual Tour coming soon
Virtual Tour coming soon

Sustainable Tourism

We try to run our Riad in a sustainable manner, mindful of our environmental, economic and social responsibilities.


Read what Lonely Planet, Conde Nast, National Geographic and, most importantly, our own guests think of Riad al Massarah.

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