Marrakech in the Summer

Marrakech in the Summer

Summer temperatures in Marrakech are searingly hot. Starting at around 30°C in June, by the end of August temperatures can easily hit 40°C or more, with this dropping back to around 23 or 24°C at night.

Although it is a very dry heat, it can be overwhelming for some. It’s important to stay out of the mid-day sun, to drink plenty of water and to allow yourself time to acclimatize. There is virtually no rain at this time of year.

Needless to say all of our bedrooms have air-conditioning. For the technically minded some have inverter low energy units with Montreal Protocol compliant gas. The lounge, built in a traditional manner, stays naturally cool, and some of our bedrooms stay cooler naturally as well. Jade on the roof terrace can be hot, as can Carmin on the first floor. It’s the perfect time to sip a drink with your feet in the pool, or take a lunch and afternoon poolside outside the city.  Dining at night is always outdoors and divine.

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